Vol. 9: Mac Craith, Mícheál.

Type: Article

Mac Craith, Mícheál. ‘Filíocht Sheacaibíteach na Gaeilge: ionar gan uaim?’, Eighteenth-century Ireland/Iris an dá chultúr, Vol. 9 (1994), pp 57-74..

[Summary of an article in Irish] Jacobite poetry in the Irish language has for too long only been considered within the terms of reference of Gaelic literature. To fully understand this body of poetry, we must treat as parts of the same politico-literary phenomenon the works written both in Irish and in Scottish-Gaelic. We should also locate this literary evidence within the context of the Jacobite movement as a whole. This paper, “Jacobite poetry in Irish: a seamless garment?”, demonstrates the usefulness of treating this body of material according to these criteria and points to the need for a more comprehensive survey such as has been done by Paul Monod and others using mainly English-language sources, to shed light on Jacobitism in general and on English Jacobitism in particular.