Vol. 8: Ó Buachalla, Breandán.

Type: Article

Ó Buachalla, Breandán. ‘Irish Jacobitism in official documents.’, Eighteenth-century Ireland/Iris an dá chultúr, Vol. 8 (1993), Pp 128-138..

The author of this article deplores the lack of interest among historians of eighteenth-century Ireland in Jacobitism and provides a list of documents which he considers should be consulted for any study of Irish Jacobitism. In addition to the lists, the article contains the edited texts of four documents which chronicle Jacobite activity in Ireland. The documents, which come from the Public Record Offices in Belfast and London, detail the activities of suspects indicted for a variety of Jacobite offences. The documents, and others like them, help to shed light on the wide range of political activities associated with Jacobitism and the socio-cultural context in which they occurred.