Vol. 3: Watson, Seosamh

Type: Article

Watson, Seosamh ‘Coimhlint an Dá Chultúr – Gaeil agus Gaill i bhFilíocht Chúige Uladh san Ochtú hAois Déag (The two cultures in conflict – Native Irish and Foreigner in Ulster poetry of the eighteenth century”)’, Eighteenth-century Ireland/Iris an dá chultúr, Vol. 3 (1988), pp 85-104.

Native Irish poets of eighteenth century Ulster regarded themselves as the successors of the professional learned classes retained by the aristocracy under the previous order of things, and now deprived of their noble patronage. Their poetry places those they saw as the “new foreigners” in this historical context, and it documents the cultural and economic struggle between the native Irish of Ulster and the new foreigner.