A.C. Elias Research Travel Fellowship 2019

The A.C. Elias Irish-American Research Travel Fellowship of ASECS, with $2500 in annual funding, supports “documentary scholarship on Ireland in the period between the Treaty of Limerick (1691) and the Act of Union (1800),” by enabling North American-based scholars to pursue research in Ireland and Irish-based scholars, in North America.  Projects conducting original research on any aspect of eighteenth-century Ireland qualify for consideration, but recipients must be members of ASECS with permanent residence in the United States or Canada or be members of its Irish sister organization, the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society, with residence in Ireland. Prize winners are chosen by an independent jury from different disciplines and applications are evaluated by several anonymous readers in the applicant’s field.

The next A.C. Elias Jr. Research Travel Fellowship will be awarded at the end of 2019, with applications due on 15 November 2019 to the fellowship’s two trustees: 

Dr. Jason McElligott, Director, Marsh’s Library, St. Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8, Ireland ([email protected]) and Dr. James May ([email protected]), 1423 Hillcrest Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603, USA.

Applications should consist of the coversheet downloaded at the ASECS travel-fellowship website (https://asecs.press.jhu.edu/general%20site/travelgr.html), a short curriculum vitae, a narrative description of the project (3 pp. or less, treating its contribution to the field and work done and to be done during the proposed research period), a one-page bibliography of related studies, a short budget, and two signed letters of recommendation.

Further information is available at ASECS’s website or from the trustees.