Website Launch: Mapping State and Society in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

Collins barracks

‘Mapping State and Society in Eighteenth-Century Ireland’ is a new free online resource currently under development at UCD. The project aims to provide a free electronic platform for research projects that are using spatial and other data in order to create online maps and further data relating to state and society in eighteenth-century Ireland. Three current projects at UCD which are mapping barracks, boroughs, and revenue collection ports and districts form the initial basis for the electronic platform. A further component on Law and Order is also in gestation at QUB. The platform will facilitate the integration in coming years of future projects on other aspects of state and society in the period, thereby creating a unique and essential electronic research tool for understanding eighteenth-century Ireland.

The first phase of the project involves mapping all of the army barracks built between 1690 and 1815, and preparing supporting webpages that will contain further information, data, images and resources for each barracks. A pilot map of 142 barracks built throughout Ireland and webpages with detailed information for barracks in County Armagh are now available. As part of this undertaking, we are keen to develop contacts with local communities and stakeholders around the country and to build connections with similar projects and websites. We therefore welcome all comments and other feedback.

Visit the project website at:

—  by Ivar McGrath.

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  1. trying to track down when irishmen joined wellesly&stood with him at waterloo? returning then took ship to saint john new brunswick around 1820. …given land up the saint john river in Queen’s county…..very near lands of the loyalists who escaped america.
    what barraks would my ancestor have attended? the regiment? (certainly an ulster
    scots-irish & even today family is very military minded). what barricks then???
    family name is CORBETT

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