CFP: Ireland and Ecocriticism

A conference entitled ‘Ireland and Ecocriticism’ will take place in University College Cork on 19-21 June 2014. The conference hopes to attract contributions from a variety of disciplines, not just across the arts, but, ideally, breaching the divide between the arts and sciences. Proposals for both English- and Irish-language contributions, papers and panels, are welcome from all interested scholars.

Suggested topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Wigs on the green: Queer Irish ecologies
  • Black comedy and dark ecology
  • Contemporary soundscapes
  • ‘Sermons’ in stones’ in post-religious society
  • Horsemeat dressed as beef: Food panics and animal rights
  • The centenary decade: “Placing” commemoration
  • “Tidy Towns”, tourism, and the aesthetics of trash
  • The diaspora’s preservation of the “Auld Sod”
  • Mother Ireland / Mother Nature
  • The Hill of Tara and Terminal Two: The new nostalgia
  • ‘Hauntology’: Possession, dispossession, and ghost estates
  • Irish water (and power) from the Shannon Scheme to cryptosporidium
  • Sustainable farming: Saving the floury spud
  • The history of Irish hunger, the future of the Irish body
  • Colonialism and the countryside: From plantation to fracking
  • High viz jackets and the endangered crane: Irish labour and the environment

Proposals of no more than 500 words can be sent to Dr Maureen O’Connor (maure[email protected]) by 31 January 2014. For more information see or follow the conference on Twitter @IrishEcocritic and Facebook: