Best of the Net: Monday, 8 September

‘Romantic Circles’, a refereed scholarly website, has recently published a digital edition of Ann Flaxman, An Uninteresting Detail of a Journey to Rome, available here. It tells the story of a female Grand Tour which commenced in 1787.

If you’d like to know more about personal ads in eighteenth century newspapers, check out the latest blog post from

Confirming that students have always liked a drink, remains of an 18th century on-campus brewery have been found at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.Click here or here to read more about it.

Finally, the Casino in Marino’s exhibition ‘Meditation on Plates’ will be ending on 31 October 2014. Artists were asked to create procelain plates with designs inspired by the Casino. If you are interested in a sneak preview, @TheCasinoMarino are tweeting images of some of the art works under the hashtag #MeditationOnPlates. Another exhibition at the Casino, ‘Paradise Lost: Lord Charlemont’s Garden at Marino’ also closes on 31st October.