Announcing the ECIS Blog Map

I mentioned in our first official blog post back in May that I was thinking about starting a map of sites of eighteenth-century interest. Lisa has already written posts on Dr Steeven’s Hospital and the Huguenot cemetery in Dublin so they seemed like a good starting point for the map. I also added a pin for the statue of Anne Devlin in Rathfarnham that I mentioned yesterday. As you can see below, you can view these locations on the map and click through to the posts.

From now on, as we add posts about particular buildings, places, and streets, we’ll be adding them to our map. If you would like to write a post about a site of eighteenth-century interest, or even if you just have an image or photo you would like to see added to our map, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to add it!

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