Founded in 1986, Eighteenth-Century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr (ISSN: 0790-7915) is a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the publication of new and cutting edge research on the Irish experience in the eighteenth century.

The journal is received by over 50 libraries, booksellers, museums, archives, universities and other educational institutions. It is published annually and is distributed to all current members of the Society.


We are currently accepting contributions in English or in Irish for the 2020 volume of the journal. Contributions should be sent to

Contributions should be accompanied by 1) a brief biography and 2) an abstract in English (or in English and Irish) of approximately 150 words.

All contributions to the journal should conform to the MHRA Style Guide, which may be downloaded from the MHRA website (

All contributions will be reviewed by two external referees.


Back-issues of the journal may be obtained by contacting the Society Treasurer. Digital copies of the journal are also available on JSTOR, subject to a moving wall of three years.

A special issue of Eighteenth-Century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr, entitled New Perspectives on the Penal Laws, was launched at the annual conference in Trim in July 2011. This publication features some of the best papers from the ECIS conference on the penal laws held in UCD in September 2009. Copies of this special issue may be obtained by contacting the Society Treasurer.


Abstracts (in English) of articles published in volumes 1-13 (1986-1998) of Eighteenth-Century Ireland / Iris an dá chultúr were prepared by Shannon Smith, BFA (University of Victoria) in January – June 2000.

Articles and notes from vols 1-13 are now available to view online.

From volume 14 (1999) onwards, Eighteenth-Century Ireland/Iris an dá chultúr carries abstracts of all articles and notes published